RO Membrane E- MEM – BW 4040

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BW (Brackish Water) membrane is an aromatic polyamide composite membrane element for desalting brackish Water developed by Hangzhou E-MEM Environmental Technology co., LTD. BW has the characteristics of low operating pressure, high flux and high rejection rate. It has a high removal rate for dissolved salts, TOC, SiO2 and other substances, especially for the preparation of high purity water in the electronic and power industries. BW series membrane elements are suitable for desalination of surface water, groundwater, tap water and municipal water with a salt content of less than 8000ppm. They are mainly used in the fields of industrial pure water and power plant boiler make-up water of various fields, as well as brackish water applications such as high-concentration saline wastewater and beverage water manufacturing.

Performance parameters of membrane element

E-MEM®(BW)series membrane specifications

Sl No Size Model Membrane Area Flow Rate
1 4” Dia x 40” Length BW-4040 90.4 ft2 / 8.4 m2 2400 GPD / 9.1 m3/day


Ultimate service conditions

Max.operating pressure————————–600psi(4.14MPa)
Max.feed water temperature ———————45°C
Max. feed water flow—————————– 75GPM(17m3/h)(BW-365)
Max.feed SDI15————————————–5
Feed free chlorine concentration ————- <0.1ppm
pH range, continuous running ————– ——3~10
Feed PH range when chemical cleaning ———- 2~12
Maximum pressure drop(single membrane)- —- 15 psi(0.1MPa)

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