RADON C70 Water Softening Cation Exchange Resin (25 Litres)

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RADON C70 is a bead form polystyrene sulphonate cation exchange resin. It has excellent physical and chemical properties such as high capacity and operating capacity, lower pressure drop, well physical and chemical stability. The product is supplied in the sodium forms. RADON C70 is used in all water softening, dealkalization, deionization, preparation of pure water and ultra-pure water, food industry, pharmaceuticals and chemical processing applications.


Complies with FDA regulations for potable water applications.

Conforms to paragraph 21 CFR 173.25 of the Food additives regulations of the FDA.

Uniform particle size, Low pressure drop

95% of beads are in the range from 16 to 45 mesh, giving a lower pressure drop.

Complies with USDA regulations for potable water systems

Meets standards for use in systems operating under the Federal meat and poultry products inspection program.

Superior chemical and physical stability

High sphericity and high crush strengths together with a very uniform particles size provide greater resistance to bead breakage.


RADON C70 is a high purity premium grade bead form gel polystyrene sulphonate cation exchange resin. It has high bead integrity, excellent chemical and physical stability, and very low extractive. These advanced characteristics exceed the relevant EEC requirement, and the resin is in compliance with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration Code of Federal Regulations section 21, paragraph 173.25. The resin can be used in the treatment of foodstuffs, beverages, potablewaters and water used in the processing of food. It is also suitable for pharmaceutical industry.

RADON C70 has a high operating capacity and low pressure drop resulting in its wide range of uses in water treatment. It is suitable for all kinds of water treatment such as deionization, demineralization, condensate polishing and preparation of pure water and ultra-pure water. The operating capacity of the resin in the sodium cycle depends on, the amount and

concentration of regenerant used; The total hardness of the water to be treated and its sodium content and the flow rate of the influent water through the bed. The resin is widely used in multiple and mixed bed demineralizers with strong base anion exchange resin, where it has good hydraulic characteristics, dynamic properties and physical stability.

RADON C70 has excellent chemical and physical stability to resistance for crush, mechanical and osmotic stress. It can be used in gydro-metallurgy and recover some metal cations.

RADON C70 is also suitable for preparation and separation of glutamic acid, biochemicals,etc to with anion exchange resin, it can be suitable for demineralization of cane sugar and corn syrup.

RADON C70 is used as catalyst and dehydrating agent in chemical processing.



Appearance :  Clear spherical beads

Polymer Matrix Structure : Styrene – DVB

Type : Gel strong acid

Functional Group:   R—(SO3)-M+

Ionic Form : Na+

Moisture Content



Total Exchange Capacity



Shipping Weight


0.77– 0.87



1.25– 1.29

Granularity (0.315-1.25mm)



Effective Particle Size Range


0.40 – 0.60

Uniformity Coefficient  ≥1.60

Swelling Na



Whole Spherical Rate After Attrition



Particle Size

0.315 – 1.25mm 50 – 16 mesh


pH Range

1 – 14

Maximum Operating Temperature

≤ 120

Bed hight m

1.0 – 3.0



Regenerant Level



Regenerant Concentration



Regenerant Flow Rate


4- 5

Regenerant Temperature

Normal Temperature

Regenerant Contact Time



Exchange Flow Rate



Exchange Time


20 – 30

Rinsing Flow Rate


15 – 20

Rinsing Time


10 – 20

Operating Flow Rate


15 – 30

Packing Quantity: 25 Litres Bag

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