Watreat – Udaaq – pH Booster WT-P200 (20 kg) NSF Certified & Food Grade

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NSF Certified Food Grade PH Booster [20 Kg]

We Offering NSF/ANSI 60 Certified RO PH Booster,  The control of water pH and alkalinity levels is very important in order to reduce corrosion. Depending on the natural feed water alkalinity, it is often necessary to add an alkalinity builder in order to establish the correct water chemistry by raising the water pH which helps to protect the system from acid corrosion.


WATREAT P200 – RO Water pH Booster

WATREAT – Udaaq P200 is a precise blend of alkalinity builder and softening agent , to help increase the water pH during the reverse osmosis process. WATREAT – Udaaq P200 is uniquely formulated, all-in-one liquid designed specifically to condition the low pH RO Water for use in process requirements. WATREAT – Udaaq -P200 is very effective and suitable for potable water systems.

Ready to use Liquid Help Prevent Corrosion Prevents and Removes Deposits Easy to Handle and Feed

Appearance : Clear colourless to pale yellow colour liquid.

pH : Alkaline

Density : 1.2 – 1.3

In some case during the Reverse Osmosis process pH of the raw water is reduced. To neutralise this water for process use, we recommend adding a 1 – 10 PPM of WT-P200 dosage. The dosage depends on the raw water quality and thus it needs to be adjusted in such a way that it should, help obtain desired pH, while giving a protection to the system. Dosage might vary depending on specific system parameter, Kindly refer RO Membrane manufacturer literature for specific product application.

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