Accord Panel Board AP 1:3 TDS – RO Control Panel

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Salient Features

  • RO panel designed by using micro controllers to provides advanced intelligence solutions for water industry.
  • 3 Phase (RYB) Voltage monitoring, Display & Protects from Un-Balance AC Voltages.


  • 4 line LCD to show all plant information on the site.
  • Two flow sensors can be connected; it will show the Treated & Reject water flow in the display.
  • All flow sensors automatically pulse setting based on RO plant capacity.
  • Auto & Manual setting of RAW Water & High Pressure Pump.
  • AC Low and High Voltage protection to prevent pumps damage.
  • Auto Flushing/flush cycle setting.
  • Floats for Raw Water Tank, Dosing Tank & Treated/Pure Water Tank.
  • Low Pressure & High pressure Switches.
  • TDS & Conductivity.
  • All type / Mfr’s of Auto Multi Port Valves can be connected.
  • RO panel provide supply and control the UV, SV & Dosing Pump.
  • 8 LED indications to show the Power ON, Raw Water Tank Empty, Auto Flush, RWP ON,HPP ON, TWT Full, LPS & HPS Failed.
  • Password protection to prevent un-authorized changes at plant level.
  • RO panel having default factory settings option.
  • If any electronics PCB’s failed in the control panel, still RO plant runs in manual mode.



ProductAutomatic RO Controller
BrandAccord [APDP]
ModelAP 1:3 TDS
Raw Water Pumpup to 3 HP
High Pressure Pumpup to 5 HP
PROTECTION CONNECTIONLPS, HPS, Float’s in TWT, RWT & Dosing Tank, Auto multi-port valve
ConnectionsRaw water pump, High pressure pump, Dosing pump, Flushing SV, UV.
WarrantyOne Year Against Manufacturing Defects

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