Sulphate Reducing Bacteria Kit – BS115


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SRB (Sulfate Reducing Bacteria) Test Kit

Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) are those bacteria that can obtain energy by oxidizing organic compounds or molecular hydrogen while reducing sulfate to hydrogen sulfide. They are also know as Sulfide Generating Bacteria (SGB) and commonly found in anaerobic environments where they aid in the degradation of organic materials like secondary oil recovery effluents, estuarine waters, deep wells, cooling waters, metalworking fluids, water-based hydraulic fluids, and petroleum based products. They can survive up to 600 DegC & cause pitting corrosion on metal structures that are exposed to sulfate-containing water by cathodic depolarization. They also play a role in the anaerobic oxidation of methane below the seabed in the transition zone which leads to heavy production loss.

Since sulfate is also found in some formulations of or the other used in water treatment, viz, corrosion inhibitors, coolants, etc. Sulfate acts as a hydrogen acceptor produces hydrogen sulfide and ferrous sulfide. These together form a malodorous black slime. In some case bubbles of H2S rise though the water and cause objectionable odors. The corrosion of iron by sulfate reducing bacteria is rapid and unlike ordinary rusting, is not self – limiting. Our specially developed test kit with a unique 10ml sample size gives a much detailed quantitative analysis of the SRB count in a sample. BACTASLYDE SRB is supplied in boxes of 5 along with the complete instructions set for a complete quantitative analysis of the contamination.


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Product NameSulphate Reducing Bacteria Kit
Product codeBS115
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