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Bromine Test Kit (AE-404)- AQUASOL

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Bromine Test Kit

When water passes through or over deposits such as limestone, the levels of ca2+, mg2+, and hco3– ions present in the water greatly increase and cause the water to be classified as hard water. Hardness in water is caused by dissolved minerals and calcium and magnesium ions are usually present in significant concentration along with other divalent ions. Hardness creates scale deposit problem which lead to energy loss in different industrial systems ,such as boiler, cooling system, cause scale formation in plumbing, heating appliances, and boilers. Measuring total hardness is essential to monitor – softener, demineralization, RO plant, softening processes, etc. Our AQUASOL hardness range is one of the largest available in the market today. It is a premium kit and finds use in almost all industries, where water is the most important ingredient/parameter



Product NameBromine Test Kit (AE-404)- AQUASOL
Product codeAE-404
Brand Name Aquasol
Range0.1 to 2.0 mg/l as Bromine
No. of Tests100

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