Automatic RO Control Panel 11 E with GSM – RO Con

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RO Con panels are made with current sensing technology which provides auto fault detection for easy maintenance at site.


  • Microcontroller based software Technology.
  • Complete RO logic pre-programmed.
  • 16X2 alphanumeric LCD with mimic diagram and 15LED for front stickers.
  • 4 Dome key based easy programming for more than 20 parameters.
  • Five registered user can be added.
  • Password protection.
  • Android application based operation.
  • All parameter and timer setting.
  • Real time SMS alert for all events.


  • Current range from 1-25 Amps
  • Two float switches for Raw water tank & Product water tank
  • Supply for up to 2 HP for RWP and HPP
  • Protection from dry run, overload, low voltage & high voltage for RWP and HPP
  • Panel inputs from LPS, HPS ,2 Float switch, conductivity, 2 flow sensors
  • Panel outputs to RWP, HPP , Dosing pump, flushing solenoid valve, Auxiliary output
  • Protection against extreme high current
  • Microcontroller based digital product with high reliability and long life
  • Can be configured for Auto Mpv’s
  • Compact, vermin proof, rust proof, ABS design.
  • Time Based Password Protection
  • In Panel Calibration Options For Voltage, Ampere and Conductivity.
  • Following parameter can be set using GSM facility:
    • RWP dry run & overload current
    • RWP dry run & overload trip time delay
    • HPP dry run & overload current
    • HPP dry run & overload trip time delay
    • HPP ON & OFF delay
    • Flow constant of flow sensor
    • High conductivity alarm
    • Conductivity trip time
    • Flush time
    • Auto flush ON & OFF
    • Auto flush time
    • Auto flush delay
    • Reset flow meter
  • Parameters visible on Android application
    • RWP current
    • HPP current
    • Conductivity/ TDS
    • Temperature
    • Flow1
    • Flow2
    • Voltage
    • GSM %

Additional information

Weight 1.55 kg
Dimensions 26 × 24 × 13 cm


Input Voltage (AC) 200-300 VAC 50Hz
Current Supply range 1-25 Amps
Overload 1-25A wide range, default 4A for RWP and HPP
High voltage230-280 V, default 250V
Low voltage 150-200 V, default 150V
Dry run/ No load current1-16A wide range, default OFF HPP and RWP
RWP dry run trip time delay 01-180 sec range, default 180 sec
RWP overload trip time delay01-30 sec range, default 15 sec
HPP dry run trip time delay 01-180 sec range, default 180 sec
HPP overload trip time delay 01-30 sec range, default 15 sec
HPP operation ON timer 1-99 sec , default 15 sec
HPP operation OFF timer 01-99 sec , default 15 sec
Dry run auto-start timer for RWP 05-720 min, default OFF
Auto flushing valve on time 05-100 sec, default 15 sec
Conductivity ignore time 01-60 min, default 2 min
Power on timer 01-300 sec range, default 60 sec
GSM log interval for android app01-720 min, default 60 min

Product Manual

Product manual will be emailed to you as soon as the product is shipped.

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