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Wound PP Micron Cartridge Filter

Brand: Nzo

Make: GSE FILTER PVT LTD ( Manufactured at GSE, Chennai)

The Wound PP Micron Cartridge Filters are one of the most popular depth filter cartridges. A continuous strand of PP is diagonally wound over a supporting perforated PP core. As the filtration takes place from the outside to the inside, the suspended particles are trapped in the depth of the maze created by the winding. The yarn itself provides for selective absorption, whilst rejecting suspended dirt particles on it its surface. This keeps the pressure drop in check and improves retention efficiency. The winding pattern and thickness of the yarn plays a role in defining the micron rating of the cartridges.

Product Features:

  1. MOC of PP Core and PP Yarn is 100% Virgin grade PP. This makes the product suitable for drinking water, food & beverages and pharmaceutical applications besides others.
  2. International Standard Dimensions
  3. Use of Single piece core without joints
  4. Use of “Selective Absorption Intelligent” Yarn for low pressure drop and high efficiency
  5. IAPMO Lab Test Report confirming 99% filtration efficiency for 5micron and above.
  6. IAPMO Lab Test Report confirming high dirt holding capacity of 184.2 gms per 10” cartridge

Product Specifications:

  1. Flow Rate : 2,000 LPH  at a minimum line pressure of 2 Bar
  2. Max Allowable Pressure : 5 Bar
  3. Initial Pressure Drop : 2 Psi
  4. Recommended Change over Pressure Drop : 21 Psi
  5. Max Temperature : 70 deg C


ID: 28 MM ( 1.10″ )

OD:  63 MM ( 2.48″ )

Length:  508 MM ( 20” )

Available Micron Rating:  0.5 / 1 / 5 / 10 / 25 Microns

Application: Water Treatment / Mineral Water / Food & Beverages/ Chemicals / Pharmaceutical / adhesives / Electroplating / inks / paints / dyes / sugar etc.

Additional information

Micron Rating

0.5 Micron, 1 Micron, 5 Micron, 10 Micron, 25 Micron

Quantity / Packaging

Pack of 5, Pack of 10, Pack of 25, Pack of 50

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