Lubi LCR 2-13 High Pressure Pump – single phase

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The Lubi LCR series are non-self-priming, vertical multistage centrifugal pumps.

The vertical in-line design enables the pump to be installed in a horizontal plane single system where the suction and discharge connections are in the same horizontal plane (in-line) and have the same pipe sizes. This design provides a more compact pump design saving space and easy pipe work.

The pump consists of a base and a pump head. The chamber stack and the outer sleeve are secured between the pump head and the base by means of tiebolts. All pumps are equipped with a maintenance-free mechanical shaft seal.


Brand:LUBI Pumps
Motor Power (KW/HP):1.5 KW/2 HP
Type:Multistage vertical high pressure pump
Speed (n):2900 rpm
Phase:Single Phase

27 reviews for Lubi LCR 2-13 High Pressure Pump – single phase

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