20 inch Wound Filter Cartridge (Slim) – Hydro wound

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These are popular liquid filter cartridges that have a continuous, diagonally interlocking weave over a supporting core. The winding provides tapered filter passages of controlled size shape. The larger particles are trapped on the outer surface and form a pre-cake. The smaller particles are trapped within the torturous path of the winding. These filters work on the principle of depth filtration, offering a gradual rise in pressure drop across the life of the cartridge.

ID: 28 MM

OD:  ± 63 MM

Length:  20”

Micron:  5 Microns

Weight : 330  ±10 Grams


Description of Raw Materials

Low Foaming/Friction Spinning/Virgin PP Yarn

PP Core (FDA raw material)



 Continuous stand of PP Yarn is wound over a supporting perforated PP Core. The winding pattern, tension of the yarn create diamond shaped passages of controlled shape & size to provide for micron rating


Max Pressure: 4 Bar

Suggested Change over Pressure drop: 1.5 Bar

Max Temperature: 60 deg C

Chemical Compatibility: Nearly all Chemicals as PP is inert

Application: Water Treatment / Mineral Water / Food & Beverages/ Chemicals / Pharmaceutical / adhesives / Electroplating / inks / paints / dyes / sugar etc.

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